Basic Policy on Specific Personal Information

Important notice:This English translation is prepared solely for your reference purposes.

Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter, “the Group”) regards it as its social responsibility to ensure safe and proper handling of Kojin Bango (Individual Numbers) and other specific personal information (hereinafter, “Specific Personal Information”), and handles Specific Personal Information properly in accordance with a basic policy as below.

1. Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and other rules

The Group complies with laws, regulations, guidelines and other rules pertaining to Specific Personal Information.

2. Purposes of Specific Personal Information

The Group uses Specific Personal Information it is granted for the following purposes.

  1. Specific Personal Information of customers
    • Preparation of Shiharai Chosho (i.e. payment records) for real estate transactions
    • Preparation of Shiharai Chosho (i.e. payment records) for remuneration, fees, contract money, and prize
  2. Specific Personal Information of the Group’s officers, employees, and other staff
Tax matters
  • Preparation of Gensen Choshuhyo (i.e. withholding tax statements)
  • Filing of declarations, notifications, and applications regarding Zaikei (i.e. asset accumulation savings)
Social insurance
  • Filing of notifications regarding health insurance and employees’ pension insurance
  • Filing of notifications regarding employment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for job-related accidents
  • Filing of notifications regarding Category III Insured (i.e. dependent spouses) covered by Kokumin Nenkin (i.e. the national pension plan)

3. Safety control measures

The Group institutes and observes an organizational framework and internal rules to properly manage Specific Personal Information preventing leakage, loss, or damage of it. The Group also devises physical, technological and other safety control measures to prevent accidents such as leakage of Specific Personal Information.

4. Subcontracting handling of Specific Personal Information

When the Group subcontracts the handling of Specific Personal Information to a third party, it provides proper and necessary supervision for such subcontractor to manage Specific Personal Information safely following the relevant laws and regulations.

5 Inquiry contact

The Group has established the following inquiry contact to provide a proper, sincere and prompt response to inquiries regarding the Group’s handling of Specific Personal Information.

【Inquiries regarding preparation of Shiharai Chosho (i.e. payment records)】

For an inquiry in English, please call +81-3-6758-4077 (International Department, Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd)
For an inquiry in Japanese, please call 0120-977-231 (Legal & Compliance Department)
(Inquiries are accepted any time from 10:00 to 18:00 on every day except Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, the yearend and New Year holidays, and the summer holidays.)

Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6019
(Personal Information Handling Business Operator) Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd.

Instituted on January 1, 2016